Orchid Bar



At RWB we pride ourselves on unique orchid displays . We do a large variety of containers from hand made ceramic RWB orchid pots with a black and glitter glaze to commercial glass containers / vases or hand blown glass that you can see the artistic layers of coloured stones , wood and moss and different mediums we like to use .

We can also add pieces of vine wood from Namibia , dodder and moss branches and other mediums to the orchid display to create a truly stunning unique final orchid display .

Whether its for your own home or office to add a touch of flower decor or for a beautiful gift for someone special our staff at RWB can assist you over the phone to make the right choice , Picking the colour and the arrangement that’s right for you and your space. This is a very specialised services we offer and are very passionate about the final look .

We only sell top quality Phalaenopsis orchids. Sizes mini or large with flowers and buds that way your orchid can last up to three months in the right conditions and some times longer ( if you have green fingers orchids can re bloom for years and years ) . If you don’t have green fingers don’t worry the staff at RWB are more than happy to replace the dead orchids in your arrangement at the cost of just the replacement orchids and our time .

We often come to clients homes to sort out the orchid bowls so please also inquire about that service if you are interested . We can also create beautiful arrangements with orchids in your own containers or vases please contact us for
more information.

Mini Orchid in a small bowl /container can ranged in price from R465.00 up .
Large orchid in a small bowl/container can range from R650.00 up.
Please contact us 0624242727 and our experts can tailor make your orchid bowl to your requirements today.


Facts ;

Orchids do not like extreme heat or extreme cold , direct sunlight or air con remember that if you over water them you will kill them and rot the roots , this is the biggest problem when killing an orchid , people like to drown them with water. PLEASE DONT

Tips for maintain your orchids

Our rule of thumb when it comes to watering an orchid and it is in summer put one ice cube at the base of each orchid once a week checking that the medium that the orchid is in is dry first and in winter one ice cube per orchid every two weeks Always put your finger into the base of the orchid to check to see if the ares where the roots are , are wet , if they are and it is very moist or wet do not water and check again in a weeks time .

Orchids draw moisture from the atmosphere

Don’t place orchids in direct sunlight , if outside that make sure there is bright shade

Don’t place orchids in a kitchen near fruit apples , bananas , melons and peaches these fruit produce ethylene gas along with some veg …. When the hormone ethylene gas is released this can speed up the life of your orchid and make it wilt /flowers die faster.